Creative Programs

The Focus of Our Efforts

Recognizing the enormity of the challenges our society faces, Creative Odyssey is dedicated to making a lasting impact through our creative programs. While our efforts are driven by our organization’s singular focus, we spread a wide net by investing in a variety of creative programs. Learn more about our initiatives and enroll your child today!!!

Practicing Martial Arts
Watercolor Paint

Martial Arts/Tumbling with Tokkyo Fai'son

Participants will be engaged in learning  different forms and styles of Martial Arts through engaging practices. Participants interested in Tumbling will learn the fundamental basics of Tumbling.

Health & Fitness with Cam

Health & Fitness are so important for youth. Participants in this course will learn the fundamentals of health and Fitness; while also learning nutritious eating habits.

Painting with Tom

Participants will be engaged in learning the fundamentals of many different styles of Art. From basic drawing skills to the fundamentals of painting to creating their own Art pieces; participants will be engaged in learning to express themselves through Art.