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Paint Brushes with Paint on Them


Dreams are the portals to the minds of Creatives.
At Creative Odyssey we believe in nourishing those dreams.

Creative Odyssey has been a vision of its founder, Samantha Vann, since childhood. She wanted to create a safe space for children to be educated and uplifted. Creative Odyssey has been that safe space and a virtual hub for collaboration with artists all over the world and local children of Detroit since January 1, 2020.  


Since its beginning, Creative Odyssey has strived to purchase and deliver art supplies to youth, offer virtual art classes, and ensure children remain engaged with arts, even during the uncertain times of the pandemic. The effect was lasting. The organization began with 2 classes from 2 artist(s), serving 15 children. It has grown to offer 20+ classes throughout the year, serving 250+ children and creating wonderful partnerships with 20+ artists all over the world.

sai-de-silva-YLMs82LF6FY-unsplash (1).jpg
ian-dooley-DuBNA1QMpPA-unsplash (1).jpg

Creative Odyssey will continue to grow with Van Dyke Public Schools and other school districts in Michigan to offer student courses. Through positive relationships, we look to expand into brick and mortar locations that offer much more than art classes to youth all over the United States.


Creative Team

The Core

The decision-makers. The movers. The shakers. The big kahunas.


Samantha Vann


I have always been an eccentric person; ever since I was a youth, and I am okay with that. I was born with my niche: CREATIVITY. January 1, 2020 Creative Odyssey NPO was founded. My dreams were born. 
As we enter the 3rd year; thank you to all the collaborators, supporters, parents, children, family and everyone that has allowed this Dream to continuously be a Reality. Namaste


Tisha Jangid

Board Member

Tisha has more than 9 years of experience in Human Resources Departments and has exceptional organizational skills. Her interpersonal skills and ability to understand the organization’s requirements perfectly aid in seamless completion of various work.


Claudia Moscoso Dinardo

Board Member

Claudia Moscoso Dinardo graduated from Florida International University in 2000, with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Having grown up with a brother who’s Deaf, Claudia began her advocacy journey at a young age.  After graduation, she jumped headfirst into the wonderful world of advocacy. She gained over 10 years’ experience advocating for children and youth, the disabled, the elderly and victims of crime.  Claudia worked as a first responder and provided numerous trainings in various social work settings including mental health, education, legal, medical and law enforcement.


Shagun Nayyar

Board Member

Shagun is an enterprising young professional who is extremely passionate about driving creative thinking to regular business practices. She is quite dynamic and multi-cultural as she has lived and worked in India, Spain and the United States. Shagun enjoys working in a collaborative environment to make working fun everyday. She has previous experience in formulating business and strategic plans and using the power of storytelling to propel business growth. Shagun loves travel, wines and books.

Color Stain
With constant changes in society every day, Creative Odyssey prides itself on standing on its belief that every child has a dream that simply needs to be nourished.

Creative Collaborators

Pure Professionalism

Our dedicated artists are always on the ball, utilizing their unique skills and passion to move the work of our arts organization forward.

tom art.jpg

Emad Tammo



Markita Moore

Director of Bands

cameron cottrell.jpeg

Cameron Cottrell Sr.

Actor, Fitness & Health


Tokkyo Fai'son

Actor, Martial Arts, Tumbling


Maurice Butler

Activist for the Deaf Community


Kelvin Kingsley

Musician, Entrepreneur, Fitness Trainer and Humanitarian


Larry Penton

Firefighter, Paramedic


Ayushi Jharia

Businesswoman, Mechanical Engineer


Anthony Avery

Tony Aye Artistry Foundation Inc.

Image by Kseniya Lapteva

Cultivate Awareness Respect Educate

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